snom Phones Certified for Epygi’s New Key System iPBX

The blending of ‘advanced’ voice over IP features and the behavior of traditional key telephone systems (KTS) is an idea whose time seems to have arrived.

With a key system—a form of multi-line phone deployment that’s been the mainstay of small businesses for half a century—each incoming call rings every phone in the shop. Anyone is free to pick up the phone, find out who the call is for, and notify that person over the intercom.

Not only are they familiar to countless workers, key systems are still a perfect solution for many types of businesses where all employees are responsible for answering phones—retail stores, service shops, warehouses, small help desks, and the like.

Late last February, Epygi Technologies, a firm specializing in telephony infrastructure for small and medium-size businesses, launched the Quadro 6L, an IP PBX with a key system mode that supports up to ten extensions.

This week, Berlin-based snom Technologies AG announced that Epygi has conferred full certification on its 3xx line of SIP-based IP office phones, as well as its SIP-based m3 cordless DECT phone.

“Since its launch earlier this year, Epygi’s Quadro 6L has generated significant momentum in the marketplace as SMBs recognize the advantages of its blended featured set of advanced VoIP features with traditional key system features,” said Michael Knieling, executive vice president of marketing and sales for snom. “Achieving full certification and integration with Epygi Quadro 6L highlights the strategic advantages of snom’s VoIP handsets – their programmable features, ease of interoperability and reliability—make them the ideal endpoint partner for Epygi’s Quadro 6L.”

As a full-blown IP PBX in its own right, the Quadro 6L can provide a rich set of PBX features in non-key or ‘after hours’ mode, including auto attendant, voicemail, call hold, forwarding, and transfer, three-way conferencing, and much more.

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