Telesphere Networks: Flexible VoIP and Internet services, powered by a private, managed IP network.

Telesphere Networks, Ltd., headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, was established in 2000. Since that time it has grown to become a nationwide business phone and Internet service provider that offers IP telephony services and Internet access to businesses throughout the United States. It currently provides service to customers in 40 states.

The company offers fully managed IP telephone and Internet services to businesses, targeting firms with ten or more employees, with a hosted solution that allows these smaller businesses to enjoy all the latest voice and data features typically enjoyed by large businesses—without the costly investment in on-premise equipment.

Telesphere is rapidly expanding throughout the United States and has strong financial backing from the telecom pioneers of Cellular One/ATT Wireless, Nextel, Nextlink, XO, and Clearwire. These pioneers continue to pursue their vision of developing technology to provide a smarter voice and data solution for businesses. The company has offices in Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, Oregon, and Utah, with over 100 employees.

The Telesphere solution is designed to provide its customers with three communications advantages. First is flexibility, providing both voice and data services, no matter the location. Fully hosted voice services are available across the United States to both corporate locations and home offices, with a number of features, that include four-digit dialing between locations.

Second, the solution is designed for simplicity, with a corporate focus on providing customer service, plus a cost structure based on a per-seat pricing model.

Third, the system is designed for power, backed by a private IP network, rather than the public Internet, which provides greater reliability. Telesphere also has a bandwidth management system that dynamically allocates and prioritizes the voice and data services, including a customer Web interface to facilitate instant changes to the communications environment.

Telesphere solutions, which connect to the customer’s premises with a pure IP T-1 line, offer four different feature packages for their customers to select from.

Telesphere Complete, billed as an all-in-one voice and data solution, includes fully hosted PBX technology with a private data connection, business-class IP phones and installation, bundled turnkey telephone and Internet service, plus 24 x 7 support, all from a single provider.

This system allows the customer to connect multiple locations as if they were under one roof, with a nationwide 4-digit dialing plan that includes free long distance service between locations.

The numerous user features include unified messaging with voicemail-to-e-mail conversion; simultaneous ringing; remote call redirect; click-to-dial with Outlook integration; plus distinctive ringing, three-way calling and priority alert/ringing.

System features include Web-based control with an interface to self-manage moves, adds and changes; music or a custom message on hold; phone-based paging, access codes, and hunt groups. Optional features that are available include an auto attendant; account codes; fax-to-e-mail conversions; call center and automatic call director; plus conferencing.

Telesphere Select provides the same fully managed, fully hosted PBX technology of Telesphere Complete, while utilizing the customer’s existing compatible IP phones, which can be chosen from a wide range of Polycom, Cisco, and Linksys equipment. Customers that have existing phones (or choose to purchase phones) can lower their telecommunications costs by utilizing their existing hardware with the Telephere system, and still receive all the features and benefits of the turnkey Telesphere Complete solution.

Telesphere Connect uses analog lines, digital or ISDN PRI lines, or SIP trunks to interface the network with a customer’s existing PBX and phones. This feature package can integrate with key systems, hybrids, digital and IP PBXs, and is currently certified for use with Asterisk, Avaya, Cisco, and Microsoft Response Point systems.

This service includes 250 minutes of long distance per line. Other features that are part of the service include unified messaging with voicemail-to-e-mail conversion; a managed router, remote call redirect, and standard PBX features such as call hold, waiting, forwarding, and ID. When PRI or SIP Trunk connections are used, interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities are available.

The base package, called Telesphere Fusion, is designed for customers that are tied into an existing ISP contract, and do not want to incur the early termination penalties to switch to another carrier. Telesphere Fusion provides access to the Telesphere hosted telephony platform through a customer’s current Internet connection, allowing the customer to upgrade their telephone service without having to wait for their existing ISP contract to end.

All of the packages include two adminstrative portals: one which employees can use to personalize their phone system and enhance their productivity, and an administrative portal to maintain the company-wide system that includes users, hunt groups, access restrictions, and so on. Pricing for the Telesphere system ranges from $20.00 to 49.00 per user per month, depending upon the feature bundle selected.

Further information on the Telesphere solutions can be found Our next tutorial will continue our review of various service providers hosted voice solutions.

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