Finally: A native VoIP client for the BlackBerry

New application from Indian startup TringMe can make VoIP calls via Wi-Fi

 By VoipPlanet.com Staff
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"If there was one app I’ve desperately wanted on my T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold, it was a good mobile VoIP client that allows me to make and receive calls over Wi-Fi and 3G connections. It would be even better if that client was made by Skype. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been the case," writes Om Malik on his GigaOm blog.

"That changes today. TringMe, an Indian VoIP startup based in Bangalore, has introduced a new VoIP application for BlackBerry OS (works with Blackberry OS versions 4.2 to 5.0) that can make calls over Wi-Fi. It allows for a single-click, worldwide conference calling, and when there’s no Wi-Fi, it can switch to the local-access number/callback over the cellular network," Malik writes.

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Mobile VoIP Comes to BlackBerry Devices

This article was originally published on Aug 23, 2010
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