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Review: McAfee Enhances Next Generation Firewall

What features make McAfee's Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) stand out from the competition? Find out in our review.

Inside the Black Hat 2014 Wi-Fi Network [VIDEO]

PEAP-TLS option provides users with a more secure Wi-Fi network.

BYOD Security Holes Demand Robust Test Solutions

BYOD can create serious security vulnerabilities. Make network and security testing a priority to mitigate the risks and maximize productivity.

Juniper Exits Junos Pulse Business with $250 Million Sale

Juniper CEO wants his company to stay focused on high-growth areas of the market, including switching and SDN.

BGP FlowSpec Emerges in Juniper DDoS Secure

Juniper advances its DDoS attack mitigation efforts.

Juniper Updates Firewall Security Features

AppID technology lands in Juniper's firewalls, but don't confuse it with the Cisco technology that has a similiar name. 

WatchGuard Brings Advanced Persistent Threat Protection (APT) to the Masses

WatchGuard's latest Unified Threat Management OS incorporates cloud-based Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) protection.

Review: Incapsula Brings Load Balancing and Failover to the Cloud

Looking to get rid of on-prem ADCs? Incapsula Enterprise offers cloud-based load balancing, failover, application security, and more.

Cisco Advances SourceFire and ASA Security Technology

Cisco has two very different network security technology platforms, both being updated today.

Cloud Computing Demands Cloud Data Encryption

Cloud data encryption is key to protecting sensitive data outside the corporate perimeter. Here's why, and two ways to apply cloud encryption.

Drones Exploit Wi-Fi to Threaten Security

A common Wi-Fi setting renders smartphones and other wireless devices vulnerable to exploits by specialist drones.

Cisco Launches Managed Threat Defense Service

Cisco's Managed Threat Defense will use Hadoop Big Data to enable enterprise security.

Virtualization as Vaccine?

Heartbleed is only the latest security bug to hit the news. Can SDN help inoculate the networks of the future?

The Mask Raises Network Security Worries in an Age of Cyberwarfare

The Careto malware, a.k.a. The Mask, could have been a Duqu-like cyberweapon – but more sophisticated.

Cisco, Juniper Work to Protect Networking Gear vs. Heartbleed

The encryption bug may have affected as many as 80-plus Cisco products, while the impact to Juniper's portfolio is not as broad.

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