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Palo Alto Land and Expand Strategy for Network Security Pays Off

Palo Alto reports first quarter fiscal 2015 earnings of $192.3 million

F5 Dials Up DDoS Protection with Silverline Service

DDoS protection technology from gets integrated into F5's portfolio.

Hack Early, Hack Often: The Perils of Electronic Voting

From touch-screen ballots to Internet elections, the idea of voting by computer is becoming less popular thanks to questions about the security of electronic voting systems.

F5 Accelerates Revenue with Network Security

F5, which got its start with a load balancer product, is now making a lot of its money from security technologies.

Opinion: TrueCrypt and the Myth of Open-Source Security

Activists insist on the inherent superiority of open source, despite NSA backdoors, the fall of TrueCrypt, and the Heartbleed and Shellshock bugs.

Network Security Vendors Update Firewall Portfolios

Multiple NGFW vendors including McAfee, Fortinet and Palo Alto have announced new solutions.

Juniper Completes Sale of Junos Pulse as Pulse Secure Business Emerges

$250 million Junos Pulse deal closes as new mobile network security vendor is born.

FireLayers Cloud Gateway Takes Control of Multi-Cloud Security

FireLayers Cloud Application Security Gateway may make hybrid and public cloud security, control, and compliance easier.

Cisco Adds Firepower to ASA Firewall

But what does that mean for Cisco's existing IPS on ASA technology?

Palo Alto Powers Through 2014 without Juniper Impact

Network security vendor claims it is growing due to competitive displacements of incumbent technologies.

Juniper Brings Increased Security Intelligence to SRX Gateway

Security threats can come from many vectors, and so too can security information. Juniper's Secure Spotlight brings more intelligence to SRX gateways.

Review: McAfee Enhances Next Generation Firewall

What features make McAfee's Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) stand out from the competition? Find out in our review.

Inside the Black Hat 2014 Wi-Fi Network [VIDEO]

PEAP-TLS option provides users with a more secure Wi-Fi network.

BYOD Security Holes Demand Robust Test Solutions

BYOD can create serious security vulnerabilities. Make network and security testing a priority to mitigate the risks and maximize productivity.

Juniper Exits Junos Pulse Business with $250 Million Sale

Juniper CEO wants his company to stay focused on high-growth areas of the market, including switching and SDN.

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