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Juniper Expands Software Defined Secure Network Framework

Containerized SRX security gateway debuts as Juniper continues its efforts to disaggregate software from hardware.

Fortinet Debuts New Secure Fabric

New update to firmware operating system and new hardware announced.

Juniper's Software Defined Secure Network Explained [VIDEO]

 Kevin Walker, CTO for Security at Juniper discusses his views on how network security needs to move forward

Network Security Policy Best Practices 101: Improving Password Policy

Follow network security policy best practices by using these tips to strengthen password requirements.

Cisco Pushing Open-Source Snort and ClamAV Forward

VIDEO: Martin Roesch, the original developer beyond the Snort IPS, still believes in open-source as the next generation of Snort is being built.

Interset UTM Brings Machine Learning to Network Security Policy Best Practices

Interset's UTM platform uses machine learning to identify network security threats.

Palo Alto Network Security Solutions Receive Updated OS

New PAN-OS 7.1 operating system update enhances virtualization, cloud support, and other features for Palo Alto network security solutions.

Palo Alto Networks CEO Claims Share Gains vs. Rivals

As revenues grow, CEO Mark McLaughlin explains the role of threat intelligence in the competitive landscape.

Cisco Redefines Next Generation Firewall Platform

Cisco's path to integrating its SourceFire technology assets leads to new network security platform.

Palo Alto Networks Takes a Swing at Cisco

As revenues continue to rise at Palo Alto, CEO is confident his firm can take on networking giant Cisco in network security.

Xirrus Expands Guest WiFi with EasyPass

Guest WiFi can be a real security challenge, but it doesn't have to be that way.

Cisco Expands Security Services Portfolio with Portcullis Acquisition

Portcullis acquisition builds on Cisco's acquisition of privately-held Neohapsis at the end of 2014.

Juniper Unites Network Architecture, Evolves Security

Juniper wraps its hardware and software efforts together and once again Junos is at the core.

Strengthen Your Security Chain Against Data Breaches

Reduce the risk of data breaches by finding and closing gaps between existing security layers.

Palo Alto Networks Aims to Sharpen Security with AutoFocus

AutoFocus and Aperture technologies expected to drive future growth as Palo Alto Networks FY2014 revenue tops $928 million.

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