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Review: ESET's ERA 6.0 Endpoint Security Management

Frank Ohlhorst reviews ERA v6, which promises to simplify endpoint security management on large and complex enterprise networks.

Cisco Closes OpenDNS Acquisition

$635 million deal is now done, Cisco to integrate its new assets with other recently acquired technologies from SourceFire and ThreatGrid.

Cisco's New CEO is Bullish on Security

Cisco reports full year fiscal 2015 revenue of $49.2 billion as Chuck Robbins takes the helm as new CEO.

DEF CON Wall of Sheep Gets a DNStap

Not all network taps are a bad thing. DNS luminary Paul Vixie talks DNStap and its security applications.

Network Switches under Attack at Black Hat [VIDEO]

Researchers discuss a litany of common flaws found in networking gear.

Scaling Security Monitoring for IoT and the Cloud

The Internet of Things and cloud computing complicate network security. Consider updating your network monitoring strategy to meet the scale demands of the IoT era.

Seven Free or Low-Cost RADIUS Servers for Your Enterprise Network

If you're a network administrator at any large, security-conscious organization, you've got identity management implemented for your wired endpoints. What if you want to extend this beyond your wired infrastructure, to your wireless clients? That's where a Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIUS) server comes in: Your wireless access points will act as RADIUS clients, giving your users access to your network with their existing identities. If you haven't implemented RADIUS yet, here's how it works: Wireless devices connect to a wireless access point using a RADIUS client. The RADIUS client requests a set of credentials from the user. When the user types in the username and password, the RADIUS client passes the credentials to the RADIUS server The RADIUS server will apply network policies and pass the credentials to the identity management server, e.g.Active Directory Domain Services. The identity management server passes back the authorization to the RADIUS server. The RADIUS server confirms network connection with the client. The RADIUS client connects the mobile device's wireless adapter to the network.

F5 Drives 3Q15 Revenue with Security and Software Growth

As new CEO takes the reigns at F5, new BIG-IP 12.0 release is coming soon with some big changes.

The Darknet of Network IP Space [VIDEO]

The networking Darknet isn't about criminal activity. It's about unused IP space that could potentially be used to track down malicious activity.

Cisco to Acquire OpenDNS for $635 Million

After previously investing in OpenDNS, Cisco decides it wants the whole company.

Big Security Breaches and How Big Data Can Prevent Them

Security threats are evolving. Combating them demands that enterprise information security professionals and perspectives evolve, too.

Cisco Brings TrustSec to ACI in Bid to Enable Network as a Security Sensor

Cisco is expanding its security efforts to make the entire network a platform for security.

Cisco Bringing Group Policy to OpenStack [VIDEO]

Dave Ward, Development CTO & Chief Architect at Cisco, discusses the networking challenges and opportunities of OpenStack.

Security Challenges of the Internet of Things

The IoT's lack of standardized protocols and new traffic flows complicate administrators’ security efforts.

Defend Against the Security Threats of 2015: Exclusive New Research

Learn more about protecting enterprise data with exclusive research and more.

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