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Opinion: SMBs Aren't Safe from Security Breaches

Small and niche businesses are at risk of security breaches--and they often have more to lose than big corporations.

Anthem Could Face Legal Fallout from Hack

Experts say that Anthem's lack of encryption doesn't matter. Find out why they might be wrong in our legal analysis.

Juniper Takes $850 Million Charge on Security Business

Juniper reports its full year 2014 financial results, with security taking a big hit.

Michael Chertoff Examines the Anatomy of Cybersecurity

Former Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff broke down what it takes to manage data security risks.

Cisco Acquires Neohapsis, Expanding Security Services

Privately-held Neophasis will bring Cisco security services for risk management and compliance.

Review: Vectra X-Series Prevents Data Breaches with AI

Frank Ohlhorst details how data breaches happen and what Vectra’s X-Series security appliances can do to detect and prevent them.

Cybersecurity Lessons Learned in 2014

Large-scale attacks and a widening threat landscape prompted enterprises to rethink their approach to network security.

Cisco Goes Open Source for Big Data Security Analytics

Cisco leverages open-source Kibana as part of OpenSOC.

Palo Alto's Network Security Strategy Pays Off

Palo Alto isn't profitable yet, but record revenue and rapid growth in the NGFW market hold out promise.

F5 Dials Up DDoS Protection with Silverline Service

DDoS protection technology from gets integrated into F5's portfolio.

Hack Early, Hack Often: The Perils of Electronic Voting

From touch-screen ballots to Internet elections, the idea of voting by computer is becoming less popular thanks to questions about the security of electronic voting systems.

F5 Accelerates Revenue with Network Security

F5, which got its start with a load balancer product, is now making a lot of its money from security technologies.

Opinion: TrueCrypt and the Myth of Open-Source Security

Activists insist on the inherent superiority of open source, despite NSA backdoors, the fall of TrueCrypt, and the Heartbleed and Shellshock bugs.

Network Security Vendors Update Firewall Portfolios

Multiple NGFW vendors including McAfee, Fortinet and Palo Alto have announced new solutions.

Juniper Completes Sale of Junos Pulse as Pulse Secure Business Emerges

$250 million Junos Pulse deal closes as new mobile network security vendor is born.

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