Four Credit Card Numbers Leaked from Blippy.com

The numbers turned up in Google search results.

 By Kara Reeder | Posted Apr 23, 2010
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InformationWeek reports that Blippy.com, a social Web site that allows users to share information about things they've bought, has leaked four credit card numbers.

The numbers turned up in Google search results. According to the article, Google indexed Blippy's raw data before it could be cleaned up. Blippy requested that Google remove the information, and Google obliged. Says a Google spokesperson:

… we learned that Blippy.com had published credit card numbers on their website … As part of our usual crawling and indexing process, these numbers became discoverable in Google search snippets. Blippy contacted us and we took special measures to remove the numbers from search results. We fixed the problem … and the numbers should no longer be discoverable in search.

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