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  • While cloud computing is well established, emerging trends are constantly reshaping cloud deployments. Businesses now use the cloud to leverage advanced tools like data analytics and artificial intelligence. Cloud customers often bundle a handful of providers into a diverse multi-cloud format, potentially increasing complexity. Staying ahead of these rapidly evolving trends is essential for any enterprise that expects to remain competitive. Download this IT Focus eBook to learn: The current state of the …
  • Video is everywhere. Mobile, analytics and the Internet of Things are driving exponential growth of video datasets. This creates big problems for data managers because of video's performance requirements, storage resource utilization, and need for special tools for cost efficient backup. Download this IT Focus eBook to learn: About the data storage requirements for video How to avoid problems using specialty storage How virtual networks and SDNs can help
  • Did you know that more IT professionals have implemented or plan to implement cloud storage than any other cloud computing initiative, including software as a service? Get the latest cloud storage insight from TwinStrata's June 2012 survey of IT managers.
  • Enterprises are using the public cloud for storage more than ever before. They are relying on these services as repositories for everything from backups and overflow storage to disaster recovery (DR) and mission-critical application data. Download this IT Focus eBook to learn: About maximizing value of public cloud storage The difference between DRaaS vs. backup and recovery About the benefits of using the public cloud for long-term backup storage
  • A complete overview of Cloud Computing focused on what your business needs to know, from selecting a platform -- public, private or hybrid -- to choosing a cloud vendor. This guide details key deployment considerations such as cloud costs, governance and service level agreements. This white paper will help you maximize your strategy as you weigh cloud computing's many issues.
  • The cloud is getting bigger and the data center is getting smaller. It would seem these two trends are destined for one conclusion: migration of virtually all enterprise workloads to third–party infrastructure. But with such a broad and diverse IT ecosystem in the world today, is an absolute transition inevitable? And is it reasonable to assume that while most of our data activities will move to the cloud, the really important stuff will remain behind the firewall, thus increasing the value of …