Using Log Files to Remediate Security Risk

Your logs aren't just for auditing and compliance, they can also be used in an SIEM solution that will remediate for security risk and threats.

 By Sean Michael Kerner
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Log files can be an effective source of data for identifying security threats. What you do once you've identified those threats from log files is where a new release from security information and event management (SIEM) vendor LogRhythm comes into play.

The LogRhythm 6.0 platform adds the concept of automated remediation for security events, providing users with actions to help minimize risk.

"We're seeing more customers needing to leverage SIEM to remediate high-risk events," Chris Petersen, CTO and founder of LogRhythm told InternetNews.com. "Most mature organizations have a lot of data in their network that is not being leveraged properly."

The way SmartRediation works with other network assets is by way of a plug-in architecture. Petersen explained that LogRhythm has a plug-in for Microsoft's ActiveDirectory to manage or disable a user account,the system can also kill a network process. He added that going forward the plan is to provide integration with more systems to provide other actions to other components of network and systems architecture.

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This article was originally published on Oct 14, 2011
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