ISS Releases RealSecure SiteProtector

Internet Security Systems (ISS) has announced the availability of RealSecure SiteProtector management system, which they tout as the only security product that unifies the management of network, server, and desktop protection systems. The vendor asserts that the system enables customers to control, monitor, and analyze security threats from one central site, maximizing staff resources and reducing operational costs.

There is an additional security fusion module, which enable customers to automatically monitor and correlate events in real-time against known vulnerabilities. This new technology determines attack success or failure by using vulnerability information and can automatically eliminate false alarms, saving money by increasing user efficiency.

Benefits and Feature Set:

  • Instant knowledge through real-time security threat correlation
  • Reduced time and cost with automated deployment and management including remote, multiple site access
  • Improved human efficiency through unique customization and event consolidation.

SiteProtector can manage all of ISS’ protection technologies including Internet Scanner, BlackICE and RealSecure products.

The package allows security operations staff to work cooperatively through the use of its remote, roles-based console. The system also provides a customizable interface, which aggregates and correlates security information, increasing a person’s ability to deal with a huge volume of security threats improving operational efficiency.

ISS’ RealSecure SiteProtector pricing follows a capacity-based pricing model and is dependent upon the size of a customer’s protected network and number of deployed sensors.

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