Meraki Adds NAC to Cloud-Managed Offerings

Meraki is upping the security profile of its cloud-managed networking gear with the support of NAC features and a 900 Mb/s access wireless access point.

Networking vendor Meraki is updating both its software and hardware this week expanding security and performance. Meraki develops cloud managed network routers and Wi-Fi access points.

Meraki is adding NAC to its platform in an effort to help further secure enterprise IT assets. Kiren Sekar, director of marketing at Meraki told that customers like the idea of NAC, though in his view it hasn’t gone mainstream due to complexity issues.

NAC technologies have been around for years as a way to help validate the security status of connected endpoint devices. There are a number of standards in the NAC space, most notably IETF NEA (Network Endpoint Assessment) which promotes interoperability across Cisco NAC and the Trusted Computing Group’s TNC specifications. According to Sekar, the Meraki NAC implementation is compatible with other NEA implementations.

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