Microsoft’s Internet Tax Riles Computer World

The Hill reports that Microsoft Vice President for Trustworthy Computing Scott Charney has proposed a broad Internet tax to help cut the costs associated with computer security breaches and Internet attacks.

The idea has ruffled the feathers of many in the computer world who believe Microsoft and its historically vulnerable Windows operating system are the reason for countless, worldwide cyber security problems. Says ZDNet blogger Adrian Kingsley-Hughes:

… the idea that we should now all pay to solve a problem that Microsoft not only wanted to create, but made billions of dollars in the process is frankly a ridiculous idea.

IT Business Edge blogger Don Tennant shares the sentiment:

When you suggested that a tax should be levied to clean up the mess caused by your company and others that market vulnerable software, did you really think we’d all look at each other with nods of agreement, impressed by the brilliance of your epiphany?


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