Motorola AirDefense Wireless VA Tool Reviewed

eSecurity Planet says Motorola’s vulnerability assessment tool works best when it’s used as a complement to existing security practices – including on-site VA scans. “Regular remote scans can keep the NOC better informed,” the review concludes, “but, sometimes, for some tasks, there’s no substitute for being there.”

Testing security is critical to safeguard business data and comply with regulatory
mandates, but it can be overwhelmingly costly in large distributed networks. Case in
point: Retailers struggle to scan every in-store cardholder data environment for PCI DSS compliance. Dispatching staff and
equipment to hundreds of sites each quarter can make a CFO’s head spin, leaving CSO’s
searching for cost-effective alternatives.

To help customers cut those expenses, Motorola has introduced a new AirDefense
Enterprise Wireless Intrusion Prevention System (WIPS) add-on module. The AirDefense Wireless
Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Tool
leverages an enterprise’s Wi-Fi security
monitoring infrastructure to perform centrally initiated, remotely executed scans.

Financially, this proposition makes sense (cents?). But, after taking this tool for a
month-long test drive, we conclude that routine AirDefense VA scans are best viewed as a
complement (not replacement) for rigorous on-site VA scans.

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