Troyak Struggling for Life

Following an international take-down effort, rogue ISP Troyak is struggling for life, reports Computerworld.

Earlier this month, Troyak and another ISP known as Group 3, which were linked to the notorious Zeus botnet and said to be responsible for a third of the command-and-control servers that run the network of hacked machines, were taken down.

Since then, Troyak has been fighting hard to find other ISPs to carry its traffic on the Internet. Recently, Troyak operators apparently tried to hack into servers in Latvia, but that effort was shut down with the help of Latvian law enforcement. The Troyak temporarily peered with two upstream providers, but as of Wednesday the ISP was dead.

An administrator for Zeus Tracker believes this is the end of Troyak:

Troyak seems to be down. And I believe that it won’t come up again. Every ISP knows that Troyak is bad and won’t peer/route their badness.

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