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Open Source Networking in 2020: Dent Gets First Release, OPNFV Gets its Last Release

As the value of open source networking continues to grow, the Linux Foundation is moving forward with new efforts for 2021.

How Amazon is Trying to Improve Cloud Networking with SD WAN

During the AWS re:invent 2020 virtual conference, the public cloud giant announced a new service that every other cloud will now race to replicate.

Service Mesh Offers Promising Solution for Cloud Native Networking

Service Mesh can be thought of as a next generation of Software Defined Networking (SDN) for the cloud. Here are the main approaches.

Why eBPF is the Future of Linux and Cloud Native Networking

After years of open development, Isovalent formally launches with $29M in funding for its eBPF-powered Cilium networking service.

Why 5G Isn't Just For Carriers

The emergence of private 5G networks could change enterprise networking and enable more pervasive wireless connectivity.

Top Networking CTOs See a Future of Distributed Apps and Microservices

CTOs from rival networking vendors Cisco, Juniper and HPE don't always agree so when they do, it's a good idea to take notice.

VMware Federates Virtual Networking with NSX-T 3.0

Federation across different on-premises and cloud virtual networks is now something that VMware's NSX can handle.

OpenDaylight Magnesium Advances Open Source Software Defined Networking

12th major release of the Linux Foundation's core SDN project brings new projects and features.

Linux 5.6 Debuts with Wireguard Secure VPN for Remote Networking

New Linux release improves secure remote networking capabilities.

Kubernetes 1.18 Improves Networking and Security for Cloud Native

New open source Kubernetes release lands with AppProtocol, security certificate and memory enhancements.

Networking Market Slows with Declining Ethernet Switch, Router Revenue

Momentum is not headed in the right direction for the Ethernet switch and router market.

Mellanox Debuts 12.8 Tbps Switching Platform

New Spectrum-3 silicon integrates What Just Happened capabilities for advanced network visibility.

Arista Networks Acquires SDN Pioneer Big Switch Networks

Arista looks to expand its network visibility and cloud fabric with Big Switch technology.

F5 Networks Looks Beyond Network Hardware for Future Growth

With the recent acquisitions of NGINX and Shape Security, hardware won't be where F5 looks for future growth.

Equinix Grows Data Center Capabilities with Packet Acquisition

Bare metal cloud provider Packet, gets picked up.

Argus Open Source Network Flow System Gets Commercial Boost from CounterFlow AI

As the volume of encrypted traffic grows, it's increasingly difficult for network administrators to get visibility into network flows.

Enterprise Networking Planet Predictions for 2020

What's ahead in 2020? Networking technologies old and new. What's ahead in 2020? Somethings old and somethings new.

Project Connected Home over IP Brings Rivals Amazon, Apple, Google Together

Yet another open source IoT protocol group springs to life to solve a problem that continues to plague the industry.

Linux Foundation Puts a new DENT in Edge Networking

New effort will bring the Linux SwitchDev technology forward to help enable a new generation of lightweight edge switching.

Cisco Announces New Silicon, Routers and OS for 2020 and Beyond

New platform comes a decade after Cisco's Quantum Flow silicon debut.

Cumulus Networks Enhances Linux Based Network Operating System

New release provides support for more platforms and integrates new Linux kernel features.

CNCF SIG Network Set to Push Cloud Native Networking Forward

At KubeCon 2019, new Special Interest Group for cloud native network begins to take shape.

Arista Networks Targets Multicloud Networking with CloudEOS

Arista debuts new platform for enabling multicloud and cloud native networking.

Aviatrix Set to Advance Multi-Cloud Networking Vision

Aviatrix raises $40 million in a Series C round of funding as the networking vendor looks to expand its multi-cloud capabilities.

Juniper Building Out Linux Cloud Native Capabilities to Fuel Future Growth

400 gig, AI for WiFi and a new version of the Junos network operating system give Juniper's CEO room for optimism.

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