Brocade Acquires Vistapointe for More Network Visibility

Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV) are driving a lot of interest and transformation in networks big and small. In a bid to help accelerate its position in the market, networking vendor Brocade today announced the acquisition of privately-held vendor Vistapointe.

Full financial details on the deal are not being disclosed at this time, though Brocade notes it is an all-cash deal. Vistapointe’s product portfolio includes solutions for network intelligence in the modern SDN/NFV landscape.

Among Vistapointe’s products is the Vistapointe Network Intelligence (VNI) platform, which provides business analytics for mobile networks. The platform also include the Vistapointe Intelligence Protocol Engine (VIPE), Vistapointe Analysis and Correlation Engine (VACE) and the Vistapointe Visualization and Insight Dashboard (ViVID).

“Given the impact of NFV and the disruption it is creating, the Vistapointe solutions enable mobile operators to match their software infrastructure strategies with software-based intelligence solutions,” Jason Nolet, VP of the Switching, Routing, and Analytics products group at Brocade, told Enterprise Networking Planet.

From a Brocade product portfolio perspective, Nolet noted that the Vistapointe solution directly complements the MLX-based IP telemetry solution.

From an organizational perspective, Brocade has hired Vistapointe’s CEO Ravi Medikonda and the Vistapointe development team. They will be integrated into a new Network Visibility and Analytics product group reporting to Jason Nolet.

“Since it was an early-stage startup, it didn’t have many of the other functions (i.e. marketing) established yet,” Nolet said.

Brocade has been aggressively building its SDN and NFV capabilities over the course of the last several years. Brocade CEO Lloyd Carney has repeatedly referred to the SDN technology push as a “land grab” that his company is actively engaged in.

It’s a land grab that is coming at a time when Brocade is dealing with some mixed market prospects. Brocade recently reported its third quarter fiscal 2014 revenues, which came in at $545 million. Brocade’s storage business revenues were up by three percent while its IP networking business was down by one percent.

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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