Configuration Auditor 2.0 Released

Ecora Software has upgraded their product line of programs and suites which automate identification, tracking, and monitoring of configuration changes major enterprise products from Cisco, Lotus, Microsoft, Novell, Oracle, and Solaris. In this manner, networkers will know instantly if they’ve been hacked or some more innocent (but perhaps costly) change has occurred to your infrastructure.

Version 2.0 has expanded features and functionality of Configuration Auditor and Configuration Reporter, including:

  • Baseline Reporting: Enables users to designate any devices, servers, or workstations as the “golden standard” and, with a mouse click, compare all other configurations against it for easier compliance with corporate or federally mandated configuration requirements.
  • Change Tracking: Nine out of ten security problems result from changes. Change Reports automatically flag any changes in servers, workstations, or devices throughout your environment. Change reports are indispensable when it comes to security maintenance and problem resolution.
  • Full Scheduling Capability: Scheduling allows administrators to save countless hours by automatically scheduling recurring security, data collection, or change reports.
  • Built-in Reports: The 2.0 line features hundreds of project-specific reports as well as customizable reports.
  • Summary Reports: Summary reports enable users to see key configuration settings, like security patches, across many servers and devices.

The software can be installed from an administrator’s workstation and doesn’t require any agents to be installed on the servers.

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