HPE StormRunner Load Lands in AWS Marketplace

Load testing is among the most important tasks for making sure that applications work as intended. Among the many different load testing tools is Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s StormRunner Load, which is now available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace.

Alon Inditzky, director of product marketing at HPE Software, said StormRunner Load is a cloud-based performance and load testing product.

“It can test internal and external applications by spinning up load generators in the AWS cloud, or by deploying Docker-based load generators from a private cloud,” Inditzky said.

He added that StormRunner Load makes use of real-time smart analytics and integrates with application performance management (APM) products to determine bottlenecks. Users can utilize open source scripts, including JMeter and Gatling, as well as HPE’s VuGen and TruClient scripting technology.

“You can run large-scale cloud-based load tests in your DevOps cycle by leveraging our REST API, our Jenkins plugin, or our integration with AWS CodePipeline,” Inditzky said.

With HPE StormRunner Load available in the AWS Marketplace, Inditzky noted that users can sign up for the product from AWS Marketplace and run load tests without having to purchase a bundle of virtual users in advance, and then meter usage in the AWS console.

A common challenge when it comes to load testing is that many network administrators do not want to cripple live production networks by adding non-production traffic loads. Inditzky said users can test application in production or in testing environments using StormRunner load.

“If you want to test your CDN, your load balancers, your exact production configuration and data, you might want to test in production. In that case you can generate load from AWS load generators,” Inditzky said. “If you want to test your app in test environments behind your firewall, for large distributed load you can generate traffic from AWS load generators and white list those IPs, or for small load, spin up dockerized load generators in your private cloud.”

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at Enterprise Networking Planet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist

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