Likewise Says It’s Speeding Up Mixed Environment Management

Likewise says its latest release will aid mixed Windows, Linux and Mac environments by providing a speed boost that cuts the login times for large Active Directory environments by a factor of six.

For many enterprise networks, Microsoft’s Active Directory is the default approach used for authenticating and connecting users to applications and services. Active Directory isn’t however just limited to Microsoft’s Windows users: Mac and Linux users can also connect and get access by way of open source software from software vendor Likewise.

The Likewise Open 6.0 release expands on the Likewise Open 5.3 release last year, with improved performance and service management that the company says helps further its goal of enabling interoperability across Mac, Linux and Windows environments.

“The ongoing effort that we have is to make authentication and interoperability a commodity and allow people to focus on their applications,” Gerald Carter, director of engineering at Likewise, told “People should be able to choose whatever platform that they want to be able to run their applications. We want to remove roadblocks from Active Directory environments that would prevent people from selecting a platform, whether it’s Linux or Mac.”

Read “Likewise Open 6, Advancing Active Directory Interoperability With Open Source Software” at ServerWatch

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