Find the Right LDAP Browser for Big Search Jobs

In Part 5 of our six-part series on LDAP searches, we look at browsers designed with power users in mind, but that offer enough user friendliness to appeal to all types of LDAP users.

 By Hallett German
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Lisa Baquina, a Unix system administrator for a small company in the Northeast, was feeling good about her LDAP implementation. She had added human resources, asset, and detailed global partner information to the corporate directory, despite budget cuts and limited resources.

Then disaster struck. The company president requested a complex report on the firm's international business partners in anticipation of an upcoming meeting with a large potential client with global presence. Her corporate LDAP browser could not handle international characters. How was she going to deliver the required report without a proper tool?

Softerra and CodeMerc to the rescue! Both of these products are LDAP browsers that leave most ordinary browser tools in the dust. Designed with capabilities and features with the power user in mind, they have enough user friendliness to appeal to all types of LDAP users.

In the previous article, we discussed some of the more popular LDAP browsers currently available. In this fifth in a series of six articles on LDAP search, we will quickly review LDAP search technology, and then evaluate Softerra and CodeMerc, two powerful LDAP browsers with advanced search capabilities.

Quick Review
In case you may have forgotten, here is a bullet list of the key take-away points from previous articles in the series.

  • LDAP searches, like other database search queries, are tools to allow users to access the information in an LDAP directory in a usable form.
  • LDAP searches can be performed through e-mail, Web browsers, or command line interfaces.
  • If you need more features and flexibility, then you should be using LDAP browsers for your searches.
  • Most LDAP Browsers have common features across products. These include access and bind, export, anonymous access, set search scope, specify other parameters, and more.

LDAP Browsers for Power Users
Now that you have gotten reoriented to the LDAP search tools and what they can do for you, we will take a closer look at two powerful and popular LDAP browsers.

Continued on Page 2: Softerra Directory Browser

This article was originally published on Apr 20, 2004
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